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Michele R. Jones

Michele holds an MTS degree from Vanderbilt University. Michele is also a registered life-time member of the International Association of Behavioral Therapists and an ordained member of the clergy.

Michele was privileged to mentor with the best of the best in Colon Hydrotherapy. In the summer of 2004 she came under the tutelage of her mentor Cannon Lee Hearn.

Michele studied with Cannon Lee for a year and a half here in Nashville and has practiced Colon Hydrotherapy since that time.

Additionally, Michele attended the American Institute of Natural Health and where she received her Colon Hydrotherapy certification.

After a severe bout with mononucleosis in graduate school, Michele found that Colon Hydrotherapy played the largest role in her recovery.

At Nashville Colon Care we recognize that there is an "order" to wellness and that each person has individual needs requiring special attention. We also understand how financially, physically, and emotionally "overwhelming" it can be to rebuild health again from the inside out.

In sharing knowledge of digestive wellness, cleansing, and colon hygiene, we are always mindful of making knowledge accessible for the client to understand and apply within their daily lives.

At Nashville Colon Care we believe: "All health and healing comes from within each individual via our Creator."

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