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Personalized programs for your individual needs

Nashville Colon Care offers a wide range of services to support your wellness needs.

Optimal physical and mental health and wellness requires a personalized program tailored to  incorporate those services that best address your particular health and wellness needs.

We will take the time to get to know your history and needs and design a program to support your individual health and lifestyle needs.

Savings off single service prices will be had when combined into an individualized program of services.

We invite you to read about each service and then give us a call for a consultation.

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Cleansing & Detoxification Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Colon hydrotherapy is an internal bath that helps cleanse the colon.
  • During the process, warm filtered water is used to soak and remove waste that adheres to the walls of the large intestine.
  • The maximum benefits from receiving Colon Hydrotherapy treatments are achieved when multiple treatments are booked in a sequence within a short time frame.
  • Please discuss with your therapist the best way to set up your series of treatments to ensure the greatest results.
  • Read more about Colon Hydrotherapy
Initial visit & consultation
Follow-up individual sessions
Follow-up session series

Chi Oxygenation Machine

  • The Chi Machine stimulates an exclusive body response through gentle "figure 8" oscillation which creates a swinging motion that closely resembles a fish swimming.
  • One 10-minute session on the Chi Machine has the same oxygenation benefits as 1.5 hours of speed walking.
  • Read more about Chi Oxygenation
10 Minute session
20 Minute session

Bio Mat Amethyst Relaxation

  • The Bio Mat is a medically patented FDA approved device from Japan.
  • It has been demonstrated to alkalize the body, purify blood, and revitalize cell metabolism.
  • Read more about Bio Mat Amethyst Relaxation


10 Minute session
30 Minute session

Reflexology Roller Foot, Calf, & Ankle Massage

  • A Shiatsu foot massage unit treatment consists of an application of light pressure to specific reflex points in the feet which correspond to all the glands, organs and systems in the body.
  • Benefits of reflexology may include stress reduction, improved circulation, improved relaxation, expanded energy, and an enhanced sense of well-being.
  • Read more about Reflexology Roller Foot, Calf, & Ankle Massage
10 Minute session
30 Minute session

The Fat-to-Flat Body Wrap

  • The Fat-to-Flat Body Wrap Treatment is an all-natural solution designed to alleviate cellulite and aid in your body's ability to shrink fat cells in your core, back, arms, and legs.
  • Read more about The Fat-to-Flat Body Wrap
Single session
Packages of 2 to 5 wraps


  • Aromatherapy can be a stimulating modality that uses volatile liquid plant materials — known as essential oils — that may be used for the purpose of affecting a person's mood or vitality.
  • Read more about Aromatherapy
15 Minute session
30 Minute session

One-on-One Cleansing/Fasting Support

  • We designed this service to specifically accommodate a vast range of clients to give them the support they need during any cleansing program they choose to take on.
  • These appointments are available for existing clients as in-office visits or by phone.
  • All phone sessions must be prepaid.
  • Read more about One-on-One Cleansing/Fasting Support
 30 Minute session
Appointment series also available 

Fresh Whole-Life Food Planning

 60 Minute session
Appointment series also available 

Vogel Crystal Light Bed

  • Vogel Crystals are 100% quartz crystals that meet specific requirements that allow the crystal to transmit energy to its maximum potential.
  • The Vogel Crystal Light Bed holds 7 Vogel Crystals. During a session, the client lies fully clothed, face up, on a massage table. Our light bed suspends each of the 7 crystals over each chakra, transmitting different frequencies of pulsating colored light through each Vogel crystal into each chakra, promoting alignment, cleansing, and balance in each chakra.
 45 Minute session
Appointment series also available 

Real Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair

  • With four automatic programs to choose from, our zero-gravity shiatsu chair stimulates the entire body with help from rollers and pressure airbags from your feet to your neck.
  • Fifty airbags increase pressure to your arms, shoulders, hips, and legs to increase circulation while the heated seat relaxes you even further. The rollers provide the perfect amount of pressure to your spine and feet that will leave you feeling like you got a full-body massage.
 30 Minute session
Appointment series also available 

Optimum Ionic Foot Bath

  • Our ionic foot bath unit, powered by the Optimum Focus Es1500i model is one of the most consistent and powerful units on the market.
  • With a steady, 3 amp output, negative ions are transmitted within our copper tub through the feet and into the body, which helps increase collagen fiber strength throughout the body, boost metabolism, and clean the blood by increasing alkalinity, and increase serotonin in the blood stream – showing that it can positively affect mood, pain relief, and libido.
 30 Minute session
Appointment series also available 

Sacred Sound Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

  • If you have ever heard a crystal bowl sing, then you know it is heavenly and soulful.

  • Naturally uplifting, there is nothing like it to instantly quiet the mind and bring about the primal silence of peace.

  • Each of the bowls is specifically tuned to a certain sound frequency, associated with each chakra, and therefore can help realign the physical, mental, and emotional centers of our bodies.

 60 Minute session
 90 Minute session
Appointment series also available 

Photon Genius Infrared Sauna

  • Developed by Ed Skilling, the Super Sauna Photon Genius is the most dynamic harmonic energy infrared sauna in the world.
  • This sauna has been proven to help increase nitric oxide which helpa preserve elasticity of the vessels in the body.
  • This sauna has significant health implications and is a very strong immune system booster. For those who are looking for a tool to help the body heal itself, this system is for you!
 30 Minute session
Appointment series also available 

Treatment Packages

Sample Treatment Packages

Below are samples of the type of programs we have designed to meet common health and wellness needs.  Please call us to discuss your needs and to get a personalized program recommendation.

Notes & Conditions
  • Colon Hydrotherapy Packages can be purchased at  your initial visit.
  • All packages must be prepaid in full to receive the substantial savings.
  • Prepaid Cleansing and Detoxification Packages or Seasonal Specials must be completed within 3 months of the purchase date. Any unused treatments will expire at that time.
  • The Grace and Nirvana Packages must be completed within 6 months from purchase. Any unused treatments will expire at that time.
Deeply relaxing and purifying the mind, body, and spirit. This powerful but gentle same day detoxification package includes:
Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment
Chi Oxygenating Session
Bio Mat Amethyst Relaxation Treatment
Body Wrap
A wonderful sampling of what we have available in our own "garden". Sampling of  four signature treatments including, :
Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment
Bio Mat Amethyst Relaxation Treatment
Chi Oxygenating Session  OR Fresh Whole-Life Food Planning
Foot/Calf Massage  OR Aromatherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy Packages

Series of 3 Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments
Series of 6 Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments
Series of 10 Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment
This package is designed for friends/couples or any client who desires deep cleansing and frequent visits.
Especially suitable for clients doing cleansing fasts, parasite and yeast detoxification, etc. 
Series of 15 Colon Therapy Treatments
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Thank you and we look forward to assisting you on your journey towards greater vitality and well-being.

We invite you to schedule an appointment or call us for more information.