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Faith of a Mustard Seed

February 20, 2024/Trust Your Gut Podcast Video Description
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The Schumann Resonance

February 11, 2024/Trust Your Gut Podcast The Schumann Resonance refers to the Earth’s natural frequency, which has been speculated to influence human consciousness and well-being. Some individuals believe a connection exists between the two, suggesting that being in tune with the Earth’s resonance can enhance one’s ability to trust their instincts and make decisions. Hosted by Michele…
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The Mission

January 20, 2024/Trust Your Gut Podcast “Trust Your Gut Y’all” is created for the purpose of empowering individuals to listen to their intuition and make decisions based on their inner guidance. Fostering self-trust and authenticity helps us to navigate life’s choices and opportunities from a Higher-Self perspective. Hosted by Michele R. Jones and Scott Collins
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