Fat-to-Flat Body Wrap

Benefit from 25 Years of Clinical Research

The Fat-to-Flat Body Wrap is an all-natural solution designed to alleviate cellulite and aid in your body's ability to shrink fat cells in your core, back, arms, and legs!

The natural ingredients in the Body Wrap stimulate lymphatic drainage in your fat cells, while simultaneously stimulating blood flow in the fatty tissue.

Another synergistic effect of the Body Wrap is to stimulate lipolysis - the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells which enables free fatty acids to be released into the bloodstream and circulate out of the body.

Your previously bloated cells are stripped of their toxins, which are then carried away as waste.


Our Body Wraps are a perfect blend of science and nature. Our Body Wraps actually work, and have been clinically researched for 25 years.

There is no messy mud or wrapping, you just get comfortable and relax while your fat melts away.

You will often lose several inches from your most stubborn areas in just 45 minutes. To get the absolute best results combine with healthy eating and exercise.

You've tried the rest now try the best... THE FAT-to-FLAT BODY WRAP.ns" and "debris."

This process of "cleaning house" is the magic formula for removing all your excess weight and restoring your body to "like new" or "better than new" condition.

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