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Colon Cleansing in Nashville: The Music of the Body

Ever thought about a colon cleanse in Nashville?

Y'all know it is always apropos to talk about rhythm, music, and harmony in Nashville – after all, we are known as “Music City, USA.”

There are all types of music: country, jazz, rock, punk, classical, etc… However, there is a special type of music that has a bunch of complex rhythms, it ebbs as well as flows, and it continually tries to find perfect harmony…let’s call this genre of music the music of the body.

When the music of the body is in harmony there the body maintains a balance which is a direct reflection of our vivacity – our strength.

The body stays in balance through a system of intricate biological patterns and cycles. These biorhythms are what keep us running in concert with Nature.

Our biorhythms are additionally essential to maintaining optimum vitality. However, in terms of our comfort and vitality what can we do if we are out of sync? Try a colon cleanse in Nashville!

Almost everyone can benefit from a colon cleanse.

It is one of the best ways to remain “clean” in a polluted environment. Not one of us is immune to the environmental toxins we encounter (who has not noticed the “air quality alerts” while driving down the interstate).

Today we are exposed to additives and chemicals in our foods, pollutant run-offs in our water, heavy metals, residues from drugs, and environmental hormones are trapped in our body in greater amounts than at any other time in history (just to name a few).

Do you drink alcohol, drink caffeinated beverages, smoke, use over-the-counter or recreational drugs, eat fast, fried, and/or processed foods? Try a colon cleanse in Nashville!

The more toxic we are, the more we could be out of sync with biological patterns and activities that are imperative to maintaining homeostasis.

Indicators of toxicity may include being tired all the time, overweight, having frequent colds and flu’s, constipation, and digestive problems. Have you ever felt as though you are sluggish, have no strength, and are bloated or uncomfortable in your own body? Try a colon cleanse in Nashville!

One of the most frequent health problems that people experience today is constipation.

An out of sync (constipated) system is one in which transit time of toxic waste is slow. A stagnant system encourages toxic buildup. The longer the “transit time” the longer the caustic waste matter sits in the colon, which allows it to fester, ferment, and possibly be reabsorbed. Think it might be time to detoxify? Try a colon cleanse in Nashville!

Some proponents of colon hydrotherapy believe colon cleansing has less to do with detoxification and more to do with reflexes in the bowel that affect the entire nervous system.

Besides the central nervous system itself — the brain, and the spinal column — the colon contains more nerves than almost any other organ in the body.

Certainly, the colon is one of the most essential organs of the body. Think it might be time for the music of your body to be harmonious again? Try a colon cleanse in Nashville!

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