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What is THE most important body of water in Nashville?

Water is vital for health.

Many people are “hydrotherapy” enthusiasts as evidenced by the numerous curative applications of water-based therapies.  Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot and/or cold water to lighten or lessen uneasiness within the body.

Hydrotherapy assists in guiding the body back to a point of equilibrium. As babies, our bodies are approximately 75-80% water.  As we grow older this percentage of water within the body decreases until it reaches approximately 60-65% in males and 50-60% in females.  Women have a higher percentage of loose connective tissue versus, hence they have, a lower percentage of water in the body.

Our brains are about 85% water!  In his book by the same name, Dr. Michael Gershon refers to the stomach and colon as the body's "second brain."

In his ground-breaking research of nervous disorders of the stomach and intestines, Dr. Gershon explains that the human stomach and intestines have neurotransmitters similar to the brain. Our stomach and intestines have an independent network of over 100 billion neurons that affect our bodily functions.

Colon hydrotherapy in Nashville can infuse your body with water and provide essential hydration that may improve our emotional and physical vitality.

The chemical structure of H2O is such that hydrogen and oxygen are both utilized by the body to help preserve our systemic functions and infuse our system with life-giving properties.

There are many ways besides ingesting water that prove beneficial to your body.  The gentle mixture of warm and cool water into the colon can aid in cleansing the large intestine.

  • The use of warm water in colon hydrotherapy helps to stimulate the immune system and increases your body’s circulation.
  • Cooler water is used to help bowel muscles contract and causes good peristaltic action for retraining the colon.  Colon Hydrotherapy in Nashville will infuse your body with water and can support efficient elimination.

Water has the capacity to disassemble and reorganize other molecules – this is essential for the chemistry of life.  H2O forms weak bonds with other molecules.  That is why many folks refer to water as the “universal cleaner.” Water aids in elimination.

Water is also one of the very best diet aids and fat reducers – as evidenced by what it does for the body.  Water can curb your appetite, water reduces sodium build-up and water aids in maintaining muscle tone.

Water serves as a solvent for waste products such as urea, carbon dioxide and various electrolytes that the body excretes.  As an agent containing these substances, water is necessary for transport to and from all cells of the body.

Colon Hydrotherapy in Nashville will infuse your body with water and can assist in the overall “cleaning-out” of waste and its by-products.

There are over 70 trillion cells in our body. Each of these cells assists in the function of our well-being.  Water serves as a lubricant in digestion.The water in saliva facilitates chewing, swallowing, and ensures that food effortlessly skies down the esophagus.

The average American diet includes a fraction of the water and fiber foods necessary to promote overall hydration and full evacuation of the colon – something folks don’t often realize until our initial consult.

Clients undergoing colon hydrotherapy on a preventative basis are often quite surprised at how much waste the procedure removes.  Colon Hydrotherapy in Nashville will infuse your body with water and gently remove debris built up over the years.

Water is fundamental for life.  On average a person loses about 2.5 liters of water per day and without consuming water we would be dead within a few days.

Today’s modern colon hydrotherapy equipment provides safe, effective, sterile, medical-grade instrumentation that has gained much popularity in helping deliver water gently to the body.

Remember the most important “body of water” in Nashville is…YOUR body!  Colon Hydrotherapy in Nashville will infuse your body with water and water can relaxingly restore natural balance to your system.

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